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Believe in Castle Hills

We love every minute of our journey

Our History

Our story begins a number of years ago during an election process in our city. A slogan was needed for my campaign as a alderman position which captured the feeling of the residents, businesses and all in the Castle Hills area.

As spirits were high, the economic future was bright believing in what was happening just made sense at the time. Thus "Believe in Castle Hills" was born.

Being born here in Castle Hills, raised here went to local schools, worked here , and always no matter where I traveled I still made Castle Hills Texas my home. After 67 years and still living in the same house my parents brought me home to at 6 days of age I plan to do everything I can for the community that is in my power to continue its future.

There are many others in the city who have the same feeling and together we will continue to make Believe in Castle HIlls a motto for years to come.

Timothy A Howell

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